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Shuren Travel Co., Ltd

About the Company

In 1991, SHUREN first received tourists and since then, thousands of tourists have chosen Mongolia as a destination for their travels. 

We are proud of the fact that our tours have been successful and have provided a unique experience for travelers who come to become acquainted with the unspoiled nature, the historical and cultural heritages of the 13th century Mongolian Empire, and the in-born hospitality of Mongols.

Besides the traditional programs, which are quite popular among our clients, we offer new itineraries every year. Through them, we strive to bring not only the integral parts of Mongolian culture, history, religion, traditions, folk arts, and lifestyle to our clients, but also to bring our clients closer to the rare untouched beauty of nature and its feral ways of existence, thus allowing them to escape the humdrum routines of work and daily life in the city.

We will design programs according to your wishes, whether it to be to flesh out faint ideas you have, or follow your specific requests.

We aim to make our tours not only attractive and relaxing, but interesting and intellectually satisfying as well. Our policy is to provide as many opportunities as possible for our clients to make contact with the local people in a natural context. This, as we see it, is our contribution towards the oneness of mankind and the strengthening of friendship between the peoples of the world.

In meeting the travel demands and needs of our clients, we take a responsible and caring attitude towards preserving the natural environment. 

We sincerely trust that our clients will show respect for our history and culture, and for the people and the unique natural environment in which they live.


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