Enjoyinn LLC

Enjoyinn LLC

Enjoy Inn is a tour organizer and a highly equipped Mongolian ger camp. It is run by a Dominic Yeung from Hong Kong and Tungalagtuya from Mongolia. 

We receive tourists from everywhere in the world and organize custom-made trips in Mongolia and Lake Baikal according to the interests of our guests. Enjoy Inn camp can lodge 50 people in yurts (gers) and rooms.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance. We will be happy to provide you with the most convenient and prompt service. 

60km from Ulan Bator in Erdene, 4.5km from the great Chinggis Khan horse statue.
GPS 47.845000 107.560000


中文 (Chinese), 粵語 (Cantonese), English:


монгол (Mongolian), по-русски (Russian):

(+976)99118108, (+976)88993368



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